About Us


SixSigma SoftSolutions Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly Sigma Consultancy Services) works in partnership with IT companies to staff their technical outsourcing requirements, Sigma, a Chennai based Consultancy, provides reliable and productive software consultants on Fixed Cost Projects and/or Time and Material Projects.

Outsourcing - Defined

A customised service wherein a Expert Solutions Provider manages an entire business operation or a business function including, support staffing and information technology, to improve business performance and increased shareholder value. This results in,


  • Shares people, knowledge and other services
  • Experience and understanding of contract staffing and risk management (HR) - model
  • Quality and productivity measures based on the Business Needs and consultant's performance
  • Identification and transfer of best business practices

What Client's Benefit

  • No Up Front Investments, Lower Overheads
  • Management, Administration and Training
  • Large Resource Pool and Value Added Services
  • Client free to focus on core area of their business


  • We provide reliable and productive consultants
  • We excel in quality of service
  • We comprehend and appreciate the clients concern over the recruiting aspects like the Lead/Agreed time and Cost per hire.


  • Understanding the exact nature of the recruitments
  • Identifying the resources, preliminary screening/testing/verifying the authenticity and suitability of the candidates.
  • Ensuring the prompt availabilty of consultant's in the agreed time.
  • The client is thus exempted from any unproductive expenditure till the actual date of joining.
  • Further as an add-on insurance replacement is provided if the employee leaves within 60 days of hire.

A variety of functional expertise

Admin, Accounts, Engineers, Insurance consultants, Front office executive, Secretaries, Human resource, Logistics, Marketing, Telemarketing and Back office executives.

Lead/Agreed time

The only luxury that a recruiter can't avoid is Time - the time to find the right person for the job. SixSigma with its active network of software professionals programming across technologies mitigates the time taken to locate and recruit in the given lead/agreed time. A vast and dynamic database further offloads any eleventh hour pressure on the recruitment team. Strategically designed e-mail campaigns to every consultant in our database whose technical skills match up against your requirements.

Time and Material (contract staffing)

We provide reliable and productive software consultants to India's most dynamic companies on a contract 'temporary assignment' basis. If you are an I.T. manager in need of professional consultants, we can help, that's our job!

The client forsees a sudden increase of the number of software consultants required but not ready / prepared to handle the situation. We provide the solution i.e. SixSigma provides any number of consultants for any minimum agreeable period. While the clients consider these consultants as 'Business Associates', the consultants continue to be in the rolls of Sigma. The consultants still sign a "NDA" with the client. The client at his fair will, may choose all or some of these consultants to be absorbed as direct employees. When the requirement is for short-term assignment, the client might choose contract staffing as a solution.

A variety of disciplines

Mainframe Technologies, E-Business, E-commerce, Intranet, Internet. Web based and Client/Server Database and Software Design, Development, Customization and implementation. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Networking, Quality Assurance.

Such functions as ...

Analysis (functional and technical), Datanet working, Datawarehousing, Database Administration, Data Mining, Development, Design, Distribution, Financials, Human Resources, Implementation, Integration, Package Support, Project Management, Quality Assurance (Testing), Switching, Systems Administration and Technical writing.

A variety of technologies

E-Business, E-commerce, Intranet, Internet, Client/Server, Open Systems, Real Time and Networking technologies such as, COBOL, CICS, DB2, MVS, JCL, VSAM, PL/1, Assembler, IMS DB/DC, and other mainframe technologies, AS/400 related technologies, Unix (SGI, SCO, SOLARIS, HP), Linux, Novell, Banyan, VAX/VMS, OS.2M DOS, Windows 3.1, 95, 98 and Windows NT, Access, ActiveX, Active Server Pages, C C++, Microsoft Technologies, Cold Fusion, CORBA, DHTML, Fox Pro, HTML, ISDN, Java, Java Script, VB Script, LAN/WAN, Lotus Notes, Netscape, Novell, OOA/OOD, CGI-PERL, People Soft, Power Builder, Rational Rose, relational Databases and Tools (DB2, Informix, Ingress, Oracle, SQL, Delphi, Sybase), TCP/IP, Telecom, Embedded and related technologies and other emerging technologies

Ethics and Integrity

The driving force of our entire business process is integrity and honesty; it shows through in every face of our business. We are committed to forging and maintaining a code of ethics as a formal standard of doing business which will lead help foster the growth of the technical staffing industry for the years to come.


We are dedicated to providing the most efficient and effective technical skills delivery series in the Indian market. We are continually improving and the tuning our system so that it is of maximum service to our clients, consultants.


You will appreciate that we do business according to your specifications. Only we strive to excel in meeting the client's requirements. We started our company with no preconceived notions as to how a contract staffing company should operate. We started from scratch and thought through the entire process. We simply anticipate all the things that can go wrong while trying to provide reliable and productive software consultants for temporary assignments and then we implement procedures into our system to eliminate or minimize those issues.

Retention Strategy

At SixSigma we strive to bag the top notch IT companies as our clients, in the process we attract and retain quality IT professionals. To retain such consultants the best and contemporary HR practices are adopted. The Software consultant recruited in Sigma would be in payrolls of our company and would enjoy the following benefits:

  • Pay rolling - The Software consultant would be compensated according to his education, qualification and performance. Our consultants are compensated fairly, generously and always paid on time. That why we are known for reliable and productive consultants.
  • As per Employees Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952, 13.61% of Basic will be paid as Employers contribution and 12% of basic as Employee contribution to the PF office. Other statutory requirements are taken care of accordingly.
  • Internal training programme will be conducted for the consultants to update their skill according to the real and anticipated business needs.
  • Consultants shall be relocated to another project to other clients after completion of each project.